Amazon Mock Interview

The interview was created by Nine Chapter

1. Phone Interview I

(Easy) 53. Reverse Words in a String
(Medium) 31. Partition Array

2. Phone Interview II

(Easy) 167. Add Two Numbers
(Medium) 88. Lowest Common Ancestor

3. Onsite I

(Easy) 655. Big Integer Addition
(Medium) 221. Add Two Numbers II

4. Onsite II

(Easy) 158. Two Strings Are Anagrams
(Medium) 386. Longest Substring with At Most K Distinct Characters
(Medium) 171. Anagrams

5. Onsite III

(Naive) 479. Second Max of Array
(Medium) 589. Connecting Graph

6. Onsite IV

(Medium) 532. Reverse Pairs
(Hard) 134. LRU Cache