Install Custom Fonts on Chromebook

Chrome can use fonts over internet. There are a lot fonts we can use. I installed custom fonts because I couldn’t find a way let chrome to use Nerd Fonts over internet.

Assume the chromebook has already enabled developer mode.

Click CTRL+ALT+FROWARD(->) to enter console and login as root

localhost$ chromeos-firmwareupdate --mode=todev
localhost$ cd /usr/share/vboot/bin
localhost$ ./ # see the partition number in output. Mine is 2
localhost$ ./ --remove_rootfs_verification --partitions 2 # the number is from previous command output
localhost$ reboot

After reboot, re-enter console

localhost$ cd /usr/share/fonts/croscore
# copy your fonts here then run the following command
localhost$ fc-cache -f .

Now Click CTRL+ALT+BACK(<-) to chrome browser and choose your font.

Written on October 12, 2017