Mysql quota for database using zfs on CentOS 7

Assume we have done Move mysql data folder to ZFS on CentOS 7.

Follow steps to create mysql database (run as root). (database files locate at /mysqldata)

// add fcontext for database storage folder. Only needs running once

semanage fcontext -a -t mysqld_db_t "/mysqldata(/.*)?"

// create folder for database

zfs create -o mountpoint=/mysqldata/test_quota -o quota=1gb mysqldata/test_quota

chown -R mysql:mysql /mysqldata/test_quota

chmod -R 700 /mysqldata/test_quota

cd /var/lib/mysql

mysql -e "create database test_quota;"

mv test_quota/db.opt /mysqldata/test_quota

mv test_quota /tmp

rm -rf /tmp/test_quota

ln -s /mysqldata/test_quota /var/lib/mysql

restorecon -R -v /mysqldata

Now the database space is only 1GB.

To delete mysql database

cd /var/lib/mysql

TABLES=$(mysql test_quota -e 'show tables' | awk '{ print $1}' | grep -v '^Tables' )

for t in $TABLES


	msg "Deleting $t table from ${dbname} database..."

	mysql ${dbname} -e "drop table $t"


echo "All tables have been dropped."

rm test_quota

mkdir test_quota

chown mysql:mysql test_quota

mysql -e "drop database test_quota"

zfs destroy mysqldata/test_quota

rm -rf /mysqldata/test_quota
Written on February 21, 2017