Install Linux On A Chromebook

Create OS Recovery Media

  1. Insert a USB stick 4GB or greater
  2. Install Chromebook Recovery Utility extension for chrome browser
  3. Launch Chromebook Recovery Utility and follow the guide to create OS Recovery Media
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Move Wordpress to new server with new domain

  1. Backup all file system
  2. Backup database
  3. Replace old domain to new domain in backup database file
  4. If the home directory is different on new server, we need to replace the home directory value in database file as well. Also we need to use grep to find hardcode in backup files and fix it.
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Fix Github pages issues

  • Error: GitHub Metadata: No GitHub API authentication could be found. Some fields may be missing or have incorrect data.
    1. Create personal access token on Github
    2. Add the following code in .bash_profile
        export JEKYLL_GITHUB_TOKEN=<your token here>
    3. Run following commond or Logout and logon again.
        . ~/.bash_profile
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NoSQL Databases

Types of NoSQL Databases

  • Document store types ( MongoDB and CouchDB)
  • Key-Value store types ( Redis and Volgemort)
  • Column store types ( Cassandra)
  • Graph store types ( Neo4j and Giraph)
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Run Docker inside LXD

To run Docker inside LXD, we need to change the security.nesting as true.

lxc launch ubuntu-daily:16.04 docker -c security.nesting=true


lxc config set docker security.nesting true
lxc restart docker
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Italic fonts in iTerm2 tmux and vim

Run following command to fix italic fonts

{ infocmp -1 xterm-256color ; echo -e "\tsitm=\\E[3m,\n\tritm=\\E[23m,"; } > xterm-256color.terminfo
tic xterm-256color.terminfo
rm xterm-256color.terminfo
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