Promote Windows 2012 R2 Domain Controller as a Primary DC

Run operations on the new Domain Controller server.

Server manager → Tools → Active directory Domains and Trusts


Click right button on Root (Active Directory Domains and Trusts [win2012 server name]) → Operations Master → Change… → close


Server manager → Tools → Active Directory Users and Computers

Click right button on the domain name → Operations master … → RIP tab → Chage … → PDC tab → Change… → Infrasturcture → Change… —> Close


Start → Command Prompt (Admin) → regsvr32 schmmgmt.dll

win2k12-schema1<figcaption class="wp-caption-text">regsvr32 schmmgmt.dll</figcaption></figure>

mmc → File → Add/Remove Snap-in … → Add “Active Directory Schema” → OK


right click “Active Directory Schema” → Change Active Directory Domain Controller → Choose win2012 server (cc-dc2.cc01.adlan)



 right click “Active Directory Schema [cc-dc2.cc01.adlan]” → Operations Master … → Change… → Close


Check status in command prompt window (example output. Win2012 server name is CC-DC2.cc01.adlan):

> netdom query fsmo

Schema master				CC-DC2.cc01.adlan

Domain naming master			CC-DC2.cc01.adlan

PDC					CC-DC2.cc01.adlan

RID pool manager			CC-DC2.cc01.adlan

Infrastructure master		        CC-DC2.cc01.adlan
Written on November 2, 2016